International Membership Information


I would like to invite you to join the Australian Day Surgery Nurses Association (ADSNA) as a full member. Our membership is available to nurses outside Australia and we would welcome you to join us and receive the many benefits of being a member.

ADSNA is a voluntary nurses’ special interest group made up of state member bodies from Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The group was formed in 1996 to provide education for day surgery nurses and to promote Day Surgery at a national level. ADSNA is an associate member of the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery and publishes its own journal three times per year – “Day Surgery Australia”.

If you would like to join our association you need only fill in the attached membership form and send to the address provided. This will entitle you to receive our journal “Day Surgery Australia” three times per year!

For any further information on ADSNA please do not hesitate to contact us by writing:
“ADSNA Overseas Membership enquiries”
P.O. Box 4862, Melbourne
Victoria AUSTRALIA 3001

Kind Regards

Claire Kennedy
ADSNA President

Download the international membership form here. ADSNA International Membership Application – September 2013